The Marketplace for Fine and Quality Groceries

Founded in 2019 under the name Organic Folks, the platform was created to make healthy lifestyle affordable and accessible to the masses. Since then, we have been working tirelessly to source merchants that fit our mission and goals. As more and more merchants came on board with our marketplace, we soon realise that the name "Organic Folks" was limiting to what we can provide.

Hence, we felt that a name change was necessary to show the wide range of products that we carry, and Big Bag was created! Big Bag is the marketplace for fine and quality groceries. We are still continuing our hunt for merchants offering awesome products at great prices, and our bag is ever-growing.

If you have any questions or even suggestions for new merchants you’d like to see here (or maybe you are one!), just drop us an email at and we can see how to collaborate.

Our journey has only just begun and we thank you for your support since the beginning. We look forward to serving you better. Happy Shopping!