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Bridge Road Brewers Bling IPA


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Bridge Road Brewers have created their own take on a more traditional beer style - India Pale Ale, originally a heavily hopped beer developed for the long haul from England to India by boat. Fresh hops were added to the barrel and the alcohol was bolstered to ensure the beer went the distance on the high seas. This ale is armed to the teeth with hops and studded with 24 carrot modified malts. It is an IPA that screams hops and malt but still keeps balance in mind. Try matching this beer it with anything spicy or enjoy this malt and hop mouth full on its own.

Beer drinking has been found to be good for the kidneys, better for digestion and controls bad cholesterol. Beer contains vitamin B, works as a cure for insomnia, reduces the risk of heart attacks, boosts memory, prevents blood clots and combats stress. However, moderation is key and please drink responsibly. Source: https://bit.ly/313WZWI https://bit.ly/310heEJ

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