• Puchitto Kamatama Udon Sauce

Puchitto Kamatama Udon Sauce


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  • Product Code: 9S060
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  • Ingredients: Soy sauce (manufactured domestically), sugar, mirin, salt, amino acid solution, dried bonito extract, fermented seasoning, dried sardine extract, brewed vinegar, dried bonito, protein hydrolysate, kelp extract, mackerel extract / seasoning (amino acid, etc.) , Fragrance, thickener (xanthan gum), (including some wheat, mackerel, soybeans).
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It is a sweet Sanuki-style soy sauce that has the umami of dried bonito flakes and dried sardines produced in the Seto Inland Sea. Approximately 23g per capsule. 4 capsules in one packet.

One capsule, many usages!

1. Add in water and you immediately have a flavourful soup base to work with for your udon dish.


2. Simply pour the capsule over cooked udon to get delicious dry udon with tons of umami.

Note: This product is not halal-certified.