• Swordfish Belly (Mekajiki)

Swordfish Belly (Mekajiki)


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  • Merchant: 9S Seafood
  • Brand: 9S Seafood
  • Product Code: 9S055
  • Country of Origin: Japan
  • Weight: 200g
  • Availability: In Stock


Sashimi-Grade (目梶木). Air-flown from Japan. Portioned into 200-300g per slab.

Perfect for slicing into sashimi, cubed for chirashi or just pan-fried! A versatile fish that tastes amazing however you prepare it. Item has been flash frozen to maintain freshness. Simply thaw, pat dry and ready to serve.

Limited stocks available weekly. Please note that the colour of swordfish pieces will depend on the diet that particular fish had. The colour may range from white to pink to orange. No particular taste difference just a slight colour variation! Shown in picture is the white/pink variation.

Do note that item does not come sliced.

To thaw, the recommended way would be to remove the fish from the packaging and place it on an absorbent material such as kitchen towels and thaw in the chiller.